What is Timesharing?

What are the advantages of timesharing?

To name but a few:

Your purchase constitutes a holiday for life and in perpetuity that is inflation proof;
Because your purchase is an asset linked to property it should appreciate in value over time;
Your purchase is yours to rent out, give away or sell, as you see fit;
Your holiday is always guaranteed;
You can swap your holiday with other timeshare resorts in the world through RCI;
Should you not wish to use your timeshare time it can be bought by someone else, thereby keeping maintenance costs low.
What other expenses can I expect over and above the cost of my timeshare unit?

Each year you will be required to pay a levy, which contributes to the cost of operating and maintaining the resort.
This means that throughout the year, even when you are not making use of your purchase, management is making certain that the high standard of the facilities and amenities in the resort is maintained.

Will the levy escalate?

Levy increase at Mabula have remained below the inflation rate, escalating by between 8 and 10% annually.
Your sales consultant can explain further details regarding the levy.

When is the levy payable?

The levy is payable within 21 days of request from the Share Block Company. This would normally be sent to you 90 days in advance of occupation.

Can I rent or sell my weeks?

Yes, you are free to rent out your weeks privately or you can place your weeks into the rental pool, which is administered by Mabula Timeshare.
Similarly, you can sell your weeks yourself, or via resale agencies. Please contact the Mabula Timeshare administration on info@mabulatimeshare.co.za for contact details.

Must I always take my holiday at the same time each year?

No. Depending on availability, you can change your time for any other in accordance with season classifications and flex i-time via RCI exchange. Membership to RCI is optional please visit the web site www.rci.co.za for details of membership costs and benefits.

In legal terms, what am I acquiring?

In the case of Mabula, your acquisition takes the form of a share block purchase, whereby you own a share in the company, which has the right of use of the resort. The property is held under freehold title and is completely free of mortgage bond. Your sales consultant can explain further details.

Is my money secure?

Definitely. The following factors all contribute to that security:

You are protected by the Share Block Controls Act of 1983;
The Share Block adheres to the standards and code of ethics of the Timeshare Committee of TISA;
Within 60 days after final payment, share transfer will take place. You will own a share of a company that controls property free of mortgage;
Mabula Timeshare is committed to an ongoing obligation in regard to the group´s projects.